Ellis Island Tea - Natural, antioxidant-rich hibiscus tea

Ellis Island Tea is an all natural, antioxidant-rich hibiscus tea crafted with a smooth, flavorful Jamaican blend, steeped in family tradition, brewed and bottled in Detroit.


Activvely - Connecting fitness friends near you

Activvely is a mobile application that connects fitness friends near you to run, hike, bike, play tennis, workout, do yoga and more! Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, only in town for the weekend or need some extra motivation to make it to the gym, Activvely can help you meet awesome people with similar fitness goals.


EnrichHER - A lending platform for women-led businesses

EnrichHER is an ecosystem of entrepreneurs and capital providers dedicated to growing women-led businesses through its three-pronged platform: EnrichHER Funding, EnrichHER Spark and EnrichHER Community. Each vertical contributes to the mission of EnrichHER by providing capital for women-led businesses, building the networks of women entrepreneurs or educating women entrepreneurs on how to position their venture to attract capital.


100 Black Angels

100 Black Angels Fund is the first fund created with an investment thesis for the development of a scalable tech, startup and venture ecosystem infrastructure as a sustainable platform to ensure that Black people have equitable access to create multi generational wealth in the future of work and 4th industrial revolution. Strategically the fund’s accredited limited partners invest $50K over a two year period that also connects them to a platform for their continued business and professional growth.

Please note that these companies are predominately pitch winners from our Fearless Moguls 2018 & 2019 pitch competitions. We hope to feature, advocate and support these startups while we close out all negotiations.